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“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it.”

Erik Qualman

To the busy business owner, the “brainstorm, draft, post, rinse, and repeat” cycle can seem like a full-time job they didn’t apply for.


Your Problem

With 2.7 billion people on Facebook alone, it’s safe to say social media is “where it’s at.” But is your business there? Social media marketing is rife with opportunity for brands—the opportunity to create an identity for your brand, the opportunity to connect with current and potential customers, and the opportunity to make a name for your brand.

Our social media management company in Atlanta, GA, get it—that’s easier said than done. With over a trillion tweets on the web, how do you craft one that stands out? With over 870 million Instagram posts with the #fashion hashtag, how are you supposed to connect with your target audience?


Don’t let those staggering numbers scare you. When you partner with us ,i.e., best social media management company in Atlanta , soon enough, your brand will establish its own corner of the internet and develop a loyal following to go with it. All it takes is a team of social mavens whose job is to keep up with the latest trends and identify the time-tested strategies that will keep your social presence #fire🔥 long after that trend dies.

Rose Marketing Group will work with you to understand your business and social media goals and build a strategy that meets and exceeds your goals. As full-service social media consultants, we can help you achieve your wildest social media dreams by growing your following, engagement levels and social media revenue. We accomplish that by redefining your online presence, finding your brand’s authentic voice and connecting with your target audience.


Customized Social Media Strategy

Publish Across Multiple Platforms

Monitoring Social Media

Build a Following

Social Media Copywriting & Content Creation

Social Media Videography, Photography and Graphic Design

Success Measurement / Analytics


We make digital marketing fun.

In our opinion, there’s nothing worse than boring copy and dull, “seen it before” graphics. Marketing is intended to grab attention, so why shouldn’t it be fun?

We ask all the right questions.

We don’t want a transactional relationship with our clients, and we doubt you do, either. We want to build a trusted partnership with each of our clients—that means the willingness to email, Slack, hop on Zoom, or grab coffee with you whenever you want so we can learn how to help you meet your goals.

We are lifelong learners.

Heard about a new Facebook feature or advertising trick you want to try out? We’re all ears. As long as the digital space keeps evolving, we’ll keep learning.

Our work is our passion.

For some digital marketing agencies, it’s all about the numbers. While we love scoring fantastic results for our clients, for us, we love the journey just as much as the destination—and it shows in our work.

We’ve always got your back.

Think of us as your trusted sidekick. We’re here to help you succeed. Whatever you need to meet your goals, we’ll be right by your side to help.


“Rose Marketing Group has been instrumental in helping us improve online visibility through new channels. On the social media front, they are great about suggesting content, posting regularly, monitoring, and responding to social media inquiries. Working with Meggie is a pleasure. We could not be more impressed with her professionalism, teamwork, and communication skills. We are continuously impressed with their level of service, and we value their expertise.” 

Gloria Londono

Geoponics Corporation

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