Are You Ready to Scale your Online Sales Using Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Over the past 12 months we've...

Case Study

Scaled a new hand sanitizer brand to $30K/month

Case Study

Scaled a paint brand to $80K/month

Case Study

Scaled a home improvement brand $200K/month

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We help businesses scale their Facebook and Instagram revenue channel.

We are a growth agency helping brands grow their ecommerce channel and crush revenue goals.
We let business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole process off their hands. We’ll establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we achieve the results you’re after!


Rose Marketing group has been instrumental in helping us improve online visibility through new channels. On the Social Media front, they are great about suggesting content, posting regularly, monitoring and responding to social media inquiries. Working with Meggie is a pleasure, we could not be more impressed with her professionalism, teamwork and communication skills. We are continuously impressed with their level of service and we value their expertise.

Gloria Londono

Geoponics Corporation

Rose Marketing Group truly cares about the success of their clients. They help even the smallest companies succeed and grow. The high level of service and care provided by Rose Marketing Group cannot be matched by any other digital marketing company.

Bernard Ory


Meggie is a detailed oriented, dedicated person to work with. Her creative skills matched with an outstanding work ethic make her one of the best teammates to have on a project!

Shannon Rhodes

McKee Foods Corporation

Thank you so much for all you have done for Tapestry. Your amazing abilities have enabled us to sell more product and reach beyond our capabilities in sales. Your understanding of Amazon and other social media has been a boost to us, and we are grateful. I would recommend you to anyone looking for professional, quality marketing help.

Larry Baucom

Tapestry Audio

Rose Marketing Group has surpassed every expectation in our marketing efforts with them. Everything from branding to direct sales and digital ads has been excellent and I’d recommend their work on any business type.

Alfredo Rodriguez


We're a Good Fit When

You are a New Business

You just broke out on the scene and you're now selling online and/or in stores. What next? We will take it from here.

Your Online Ads Tanked

You had some initial success with Facebook Ads, but they didn't produce the revenue you wanted. Now you may think that "Social Media Ads don't work for me." We'll prove you wrong.

You Don't Have Time To Manage Social Ads Anymore

You're growing fast and you simply don't have the time to continually optimize your Facebook and Instagram Ads anymore. We won't just take it over - we will make it better.

Our Process

At our core, we’re a growth agency driven by performance and return on ad spend. 

Audience Mining

We dig deep to find and target your ideal customers and serve them your most relevant and compelling content.

Nurture the Relationship

Based on behavioral pixel-data, we retarget audiences with highly contextual, sequence-based content and offers – nurturing them to the sale.


We nail the target, get the sale, and repeat! All the while continuing to delight your customers and encouraging them to be strong brand advocates.

Loyalty & Retention

This is where most agencies (and brands) drop the ball – leaving huge money on the table and leaving newly converted customers out in the cold just as they are feeling as warm on your brand as they will ever be. The goal here is to up-sell, cross-sell, show them related content and get them coming back for more… and more! Often times our best customers are REPEAT customers.

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