5 Amazon Marketing Trends You Should Know About


The fight to appear higher on Amazon search results is intensifying among sellers with the marketplace’s growing global dominance. Meanwhile, it is increasingly becoming challenging for customers to find the right product. 

The steep competition on Amazon for sellers to get more customers and increase sales makes it difficult for them to find profitable niches. Therefore, we discuss here five marketing trends that will help both new and old sellers to make the most of their presence on Amazon.

Product research

Amazon keeps a list of bestsellers and trending goods to help sellers choose marketable products. Alternatively, sellers can also look for trending products in their niche and see what customers are already buying. 

No incentivized reviews

Amazon has been trying to prevent sellers from manipulating customers. Amazon banned incentivized reviews in 2016 and has been trying to pursue alternative ways to sniff out fake reviews. 

Dominant products 

Electronics and health products have been dominating Amazon sales for the past few years. Health and wellness have become a $4.2 trillion industry and is sure to wolf an even bigger market share in the next few years. Meanwhile, electronic items such as voice assistants and smart home gadgets are dominating the marketplace and will continue to do so. Next on the bestseller list are games and toys, thanks to the holiday season and the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors. 

Importance of keywords

While looking for a product, users see both search results and paid ads throughout the page. To appear on the top of search results, brands bid on keywords and only pay when customers click on the ad. 

Artificial Intelligence is enabling Amazon to choose effective keywords for delivering accurate search results. Product listings are, therefore, becoming more precise for potential customers looking either on search engines or Amazon. 

Focus on images

If you are a seller on Amazon, use appropropriate images for your products. While looking for buying options, customers click on photos that are powerful and speak for themselves. Creative images of your brand and product increase customer engagement. Amazon has a few image standards that sellers have to follow to be able to use the images of their products on the website. 

Improve your product listing on Amazon with Rose Marketing Group

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