Amazon Updates: How to Sell Better on Amazon

Amazon is arguably the best online marketplace for resellers. People love buying products there, but that doesn’t mean you can sell products without putting in the work. You won’t see much success if you don’t play by the rules.

Behind the impressive and user-friendly website, Amazon is a powerful search engine. And like all other search engines, it analyzes user queries for search keywords and matches them with the most relevant products.

So even if you have the best product on Amazon, unless you optimize your products for visibility, your products will not even be visible to buyers when they search for them.

In this article, we will share some easy-to-follow tips that you can apply to boost your Amazon sales number.

how to sell better on amazon

#1. Make Your Products Search Friendly

When you are listing your products, make sure that your product information and details match with the user intent. You can do so by using related search keywords that users are most likely to use in your product descriptions.

#2. Eye The Buy Box

If you don’t know what the buy box is yet, it’s a small box that appears on the right side of the product detail page. Users can add the item directly to their shopping cart using the buy box.

Amazon has always been tight-lipped about how the buy box works. What we know, though, is that it uses a range of factors to determine which seller deserves the buy box. These include factors such as competitive pricing, seller ratings, positive customer reviews, and stock availability. You’ll want to do your best to outdo your competitors in all of these areas.

#3. Don’t Ignore Product Reviews

Product reviews play a crucial role in influencing customer buying decisions. More than half of online buyers say that they are more likely to buy a product that has a higher number of positive reviews.

As a reseller, you can also do your part to garner positive feedback and reviews. The rule of the thumb says that you should always be honest about the products you are selling. Don’t mislead buyers with false information and details.

Sending follow up emails for feedback once someone has made a purchase does not harm either. Last but not least, connect and engage with your existing and potential customers on social media. It’s a great tool to engage and keep your buyers informed about your products.

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