New Changes to Amazon’s Advertising Process

Amazon is popularly known as the most visited platform for online shopping. Their unrelenting efficiency has helped dominate other industries. Amazon is presently bringing all of their previous tactics to their new target which is, the advertising industry. The question is, what are the tactics to expect?

Amazon made new moves into self-serve programmatic advertising. Their plan was to expand their infrastructure with the hope that it would help them get more website ad space and brands to purchase. In order to accomplish these goals, they planned on working with other media companies and ad technology companies as these companies will help build different platforms for purchasing Amazon’s ads. The individuals that make up the Amazon digital marketing services in Atlanta GA worked with other digital marketing agencies for their expansion. This partnership helped build platforms which will make purchasing of Amazon ads as simple as filling up a shopping cart online.

Recently, Amazon announced the new features which are the bidding and reporting features. This is all for sponsored products aimed at helping to improve their platforms performance, their insight, and their control.

The 3 newly introduced bid optimization features are

1. Dynamic bidding
This is the first new beta which is a campaign optimization setting, which is made available for Amazon’s sponsored products. Are you looking for ways to adjust your bid? If yes is the answer, you are duly on track as Amazon has made it possible to adjust your bid either up or down. This will be done with a maximum of 100% and will be based on the probability of conversion.


  • Dynamic bids- for down only
    This Means that Amazon will decrease your bids only for clicks that will not likely be converted to a sale.
  • Dynamic bids- for up:

    This case is the opposite of the above mentioned. Here Amazon will add an increase to your bid for clicks that will likely convert to a sale. Any click that is supposed to be converted for a sale, Amazon will definitely give it an increment but those with less tendency to convert for sale, Amazon will decrease their bids.

  • The fixed bid

    This is entirely different from the others. In this case, Amazon will use your particular bid for all opportunities. Your bid will not be adjusted based on the probability of conversion.
    This nwq Amazon new strategy is recommended only for campaigns that pursue an awareness goal and not for campaigns that have conversion as their main goal.
    If you are interested in learning more about the dynamic bidding, you can click on this short video released by Amazon.

2. The placement bid adjustment.

This new feature provided by Amazon gives you an opportunity to adjust your bids. This means that for pages that show search and products, you can adjust your bid. This new setting is very beneficial as you have the capacity to influence the placement of your ads on Amazon. Previously you could not choose where you want your bids to be placed on the Amazon platform, but with this new adjustment, it is possible to choose where you want your ads to be placed on Amazon.

3. The placement performance reporting
This new feature provides the data performance by the top of search, by rest of search, and by pages for group product placement. The reason for this new feature is to help make better marketing decisions.

How advertisers are being impacted by these new features.
These new features are targeted towards the provision of new and improved insight into the place where your ads are showing up. If you want to know your performance under each placement, it will also be shown to you.
Some of the new reporting includes

  • Metrics for a top of search
  • Pages of products
  • Rest of search for the placement of ads.

The primary method to use when utilizing this above information is the dynamic bidding and the adjust bids by placement.

What can you expect from the Amazon advertising
The Amazon advertising will cover the following features

1. Sponsored products.
This gives room for advertisers to promote their product’s and makes it easy for customers to find products and buy products on Amazon. The higher the traffic, the better income for you and that’s why it is advisable to organize an Amazon product sponsored campaign, so you can as to create more awareness to customers.

2. Sponsored brand – Headline Display ads.
For advertisers that want to promote their brand, the Amazon advertising is recommended. Not only does it help promote brands, but it also gives customers an opportunity to discover products on Amazon.

3. Amazon stores.
Sellers and vendors can create their own website on the Amazon store. The website must have its personal branded URL on Amazon. Sellers and vendors should make use of this option as it helps them to showcase a brand story. (Must be enrolled in the Amazon’s Brand Registry).

With the newly improved placement, the decision on how to manage bids will now be very easy. If you want to make use of the same bid in all other placements, it is possible, and if you also want to choose a new option, the following options are available:

  • Automated option:

Amazon, in order to increase conversion, optimizes bids automatically for new placements. Do not forget that automated bidding will never improve or increase your bid but might reduce it if the ad doesn’t have any tendency to convert.

  • Manual option

The manual option gives you an opportunity to decide how you want your bid to be changed. You can increase or decrease your bid.

Amazon’s new advertisement process is very good and beneficial for individuals on the Amazon shipping platform. The good news is that the new bidding and reporting features are all made available to your account.

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