5 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling on Amazon in 2019

We’re pretty sure that you know the name of Amazon regardless of whether Amazon delivers to your region. It is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world. If you’re a startup e-commerce company, you’ve probably heard the suggestions to scratch the idea of your own store and instead shift over to selling on Amazon. Whether this advice was provided by a friend or a business partner, let us tell you one thing: take their advice. Amazon is a platform with amazing potential and it will definitely help you makes sales. To backup our claim, here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to start selling on Amazon this year.

Amazon is a Trusted Name Worldwide
The primary thing new companies struggle with is trust. People just don’t feel comfortable paying a company that they’ve never heard of. However, when you sell on Amazon, you’re selling on a platform that already has an amazing reputation. The customers know that they’re buying from a third-party, but they also know that they have Amazon as a middle man; a middle man that will help solve problems if they ever rise.

Affordable for Start-Ups
Creating your own e-commerce store can cost a great deal of money. You’ll have to pay for a web developer to make the site and constantly update products and their details. You might not know this yet, but developers will put a dent on your budget. Instead, you can save all those valuable company assets and put your products on Amazon. The whole process is absolutely free and if you decide to sign up for an FBA (which we’ll discuss later), it’ll only cost you around $40.

Retail Prices
By definition, Amazon is a retail store instead of wholesale. This means that you’ll be able to request for much higher prices on Amazon as compared to, let’s say, eBay (which is a wholesale store). You could even display higher prices than what you’d sell at your own e-commerce store. The trust factor comes in here once again, people would much rather pay $100 on Amazon as compared to $80 on some other site simply because it’s Amazon.

FBA, or Fulfillment By Amazon, is a program designed to make the lives of sellers much easier. One thing every startup lacks is connections. You will need connections with a delivery service to set up a deal. With FBA, you don’t need to worry about that as well. Your products will be delivered to local Amazon warehouses and then it is their responsibility to ship the products to their respective destination. Talk about hassle free!

Millions of Potential Customers
This is probably the most underrated, yet the most crucial benefit of selling on Amazon. The website already has a user base of millions worldwide. You will not need to promote your page in order to gain traffic and attract potential customers since Amazon already has customers. All you need to start is great product pictures, The SEO-focused headline and product copy to make your product attractive, You can also take help from a company that offers e-commerce website management services. This not only saves time, but also thousands of dollars that would otherwise be expensive marketing for your company.

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